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Born in Dun Laoghaire, outside Dublin, I have lived all my life here in Ireland. I have traveled a fair deal over the years and my cooking is inspired by a desire to learn from as many different food cultures as I can. I was introduced to Oriental food during my early days in the world of advertising. We ate out in great restaurants every day and usually finished the week with a blow out in a good Asian restaurant.  More recently, I have begun to experiment with sous vide. I love the results I can achieve and I hope you enjoy reading about it amongst the other bits and pieces of my food adventure.

I like to cook for my family and friends. I am also a keen photographer. I began blogging back in 2011, as a way of getting more out of my combined writing, photography and food interests.

During the day, I work as a business consultant. I am a highly motivated and experienced marketeer who enjoys bringing new ideas and creativity to business opportunities. I work at senior management level, with great organisations, helping them unearth their own creativity and assisting in shaping brand and marketing communications strategies. I work only where I can add value and where the engagement will be both enjoyable and profitable for everybody involved. You can find out a bit more about me on www.conorb.ie.

I hope you like what you see here. If you do, leave a comment, tell your friends and come back. If you don’t, come back when you are in a better mood. Tell your friends anyway.

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    • On evacuation from Ethiopia, our son and I lived in Blackrock for 6 months. Dublin is fun!

      • I grew up at Seapoint. We may have passed each other in the street.

    • your not to shabby yourself! Love you blog!


    • Dai,
      You are so like my eldest daughter. She is studying International Commerce here in Dublin. As she was going into 4th year and wanted to get ahead of her peers, she started her own blog at http://www.shallowpockets.eu. She started it to understand the blogosphere and to try to stay on top of how the web is changing the world. I have a very leisurely one-a-week posting schedule set up. I am enjoying it no end.

      Take care,


    • I like your blog and will be checking back regularly. My mom’s side of the family is from County Cork and I’ve been meaning to check out Dublin one of these days in my travels. Keep up the great work.

      • Cork has a fantastic place for you to visit. It is the English Market. Have a look at the site and that will be enough to get you over here to Ireland.
        http://www.corkenglishmarket.ie. Then, it’s only a couple of hours up the motorway to Dublin.
        Happy Halloween,

    • I’d love to visit Ireland some day! It seems wonderful. The closest I’ve gotten so far is last week I took my daughter to see “Celtic Thunder”. (it was awesome, by the way!) I’m part Irish on my dad’s side (of course, I’m part just-about-everything on my dad’s side!). Anyway, thanks for coming by my blog the other day…

    • I just wanted to let you that I have enjoyed reading your posts and will be returning.

    • I’m loving your blog Conor and have just started mine – thanks for the like! Funnily enough, I was in St Emillion three days ago and enjoyed visiting some of the vineyards on the way back to Duras where we are staying for a time. I see you have a post about the place too – small world…

      • Hi Paul, I only started 12 weeks ago and am getting a deal of fun from it. I am envious of your being over there. I yearn to get back next summer. The blog gives me something to focus on that I enjoy. I think that people who like to cook naturally like to share. The blog is a great way of doing that. Keep at it,

    • You are from Dun Laoghaire! One of my favorite places in Ireland! I really like your blog. I am going to have to stay tuned!

    • Thank you for following my blog! I like yours also some great reading!

    • Great blog!

    • Hello! I would love to have your recipe for Char Sui. Thank you very much!

      • Hi Judy,
        2lb pork fillet
        1.5 tablespoons soy sauce
        1.5 teaspoons fermented bean curd cheese ( essential to the flavour)
        1.5 tablespoons rice wine or dry sherry
        1 tablespoon soy bean paste
        .5 teaspoon salt
        1.5 teaspoon honey
        1 tablespoon oil.

        Put the pork in the marinade and turn it every half hour for three hours or so. Heat the oven to VERY HOT. Roast the pork for 12 minutes at the top of the oven, turning once during the cooking. Take it out, let it stand for 5 minutes. Cut across the steak into quarter inch slices. Otherwise let it cool completely and slice it then. Truly delicious. I got it from The Complete Encyclopedia of Chineese Cooking published by Hamlyn in 1979. You should see the state of my copy. Well worn and splashed with soy, rice wine and lots of other stuff over the 20+ years I have been using it.

    • Hello Conor!

      Just wanted to say thank you for stopping my blog and taking the time to leave a comment and subscribe to it 🙂 Gives me encouragement to keep up the posts in spite of a busy work schedule.
      I love the pics on your site too and saw that you are from Dun Laoghaire. We may just be neighbours! We live in Monkstown 🙂

      Take care and I hope to be back here soon!



      • Hi Sujatha, I grew up on Trafalgar Terrace, just opposite Seapoint. I know Monkstown very well indeed. I now live up near Leopardstown. Keep posting.

    • Thank you so much Conor! I appreciate you taking the time to send me the recipe. It sounds fantastic! Your description of the state of your book is similar to some of my cookbooks! Well-worn and splashed on lol! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season with your family!


    • Such a great site you’ve been awarded Versatile Blogger status http://happinessstanlives.wordpress.com/2012/01/03/i-won-the-lottery/

    • Hi Conor, Just a quickie to say how much I’ve enjoyed your blog – REALLY fun browsing, and some great pics….and also to thank you for the loveliest and most encouraging comment on my blog as of yet – really buoyed my up (and even prompted my Mum to send a text message about the ‘lovely man’ who had left a nice comment!) – will be visiting regularly now I know the existence of Once Man’s Meat!! xx

    • Hi Conor..thought this might be of interest to you! There is a free wine tasting masterclass at the Odessa Club (Dame Street) in Dublin. http://simplespeedysnacks.com/2012/01/18/free-wine-tasting-masterclass/

      • Thanks for thinking of me. Sadly, I will be elsewhere on the evening. I am not one to lightly miss free wine!

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours looks interesting — I’ll be back!

    • Conor,

      Thanks for stopping by throughthenet.wordpress.com. It’s great to find a blog that deals so honestly about meat and food. I read through some of the entries, and got some ideas for myself, so thanks. Have you ever tried grilled pot roast? I do it here in the States with barbecue sauce and over real coals, not gas. Same with turkey.

      I was once married to an Irish girl, her family hailed from County Kerry, and I understand that is a beautiful part of the isle. Have a great weekend.


      • Grilling pot roast is a new one on me. There are different names here for the various cuts of beef. I think we call Pot Roast ‘Housekeeper’s Cut’. Doing it on the BBQ would be different. When the weather improves, it should be worth a try.

    • Hi Connor 🙂 I’m so glad you stopped by my blog otherwise I may not have discovered yours! I love reading your posts – they are interesting and infused with humor. I’ll look forward to reading more!

    • Ohhh sorry I hit the post button too soon! I so dislike typos …especially when I spell someone’s name wrong.

    • Hi Conor, thanks for coming by my blog earlier. Your blog have great content and beautiful photos. Looking forward to reading more. Have a great day! 🙂

    • Hi Conor, you commented on my pictures of Ireland and told me about your bike ride in the mountains. I love to bike, but prefer flatter territory…even “gently rolling hills” would work!
      I like your blog and your sense of humor…..looking forward to reading!

      Thanks again for visiting my blog!

    • Top man Conor. Great looking blog nevermind tasting. If you could eat a blog….Don’t stop doing it. It’s a great break from advertising. Stuart

      • Thanks Stuart. I think I had better keep at both for the time being. I have to pay for the meat!

    • Great blog. I will be checking back frequently!

    • Hi Connor,

      Great blog! I look forward to reading more.

    • Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have found inspiration checking out yours. Humour is such a great tool to have in your blogger’s arsenal.

      • Thank you. I have difficulty inspiring myself most of the time. Glad to help!

    • I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Have a look:

    • Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking one of the post

    • Another blogger from Dun Laoghaire! My dad frequently complains that I steal his recipes for my blog, but has yet to make one himself, intergenerational culinary rivalry must be a local sport!

      • It’s looking that way. Get him to come on board. I need all the help I can get…

    • Great to read your posts. Empty nesters, they called us a few years back. But it seemed more like restarting life again after it had been temporarily sidetracked. Family are great, but time to do your own things is precious. Although have been to Ireland a couple of times, only visited Dublin once many years ago. Cheap flights were on offer from Edinburgh. Scotland and Ireland were playing rugby. Understand your fascination of blogging and using your photos. I do this as well. Seems such a shame not to share them along with a story. Love the duck breasts.

      • Thanks for that. The youngest left today for a few months studying in Canada. The nest is almost empty bar wife, eldest and dog. Come over and see us any time. Since the collapse of the economy, we have become far more welcoming. And that’s a good thing for us.

    • Congrats Conor on your short list for the blog awards,well deserved. G.

    • Ciao! I just nominated you to one-lovely-blog-award, check it out here http://frankfurtmalin.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/one-lovely-blog-award/
      Take care and blog on!

      • Thanks Malna, Very thoughtful of you indeed.

    • Hi, I love reading your blog very much and have passed along the ’7*7 Link’ Award to you. http://cookingwithmamamiyuki.wordpress.com/2012/09/30/77-link-award/

    • At last recipes that are straight forward, simple to execute and are what they say. Also love your sense of humour – advertising is fun – I know – but seriously there is so much more to life!!!!! your recipes will be traveling around the world giving us sustenance as we sail the oceans and I HIGHLY recommend you drop the day job and carry on cooking :). Thanks for your gorgeous recipes.

      • Thanks Amanda. I am having a bit of fun with it. There are a lot of people in advertising who, over the years, have suggested that I drop the day job too!

    • Hi ! I love your blog and I have nominated you for the REALITY Blog Award!

      • Thanks for the award Vina. Greatly appreciated.

    • I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my post (http://cookingwithcorinna.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/liebster-award/) for details.

    • I’ve nominated you for the inaugural foodisthebestshitever award. Suss my latest post!

    • I’m looking forward to reading your posts! You have some great stuff here. Thanks for following, means a lot to me

      • Easy to do so when you are posting such delicious stuff. Keep at it.

    • Conor, congratulations!!! I’ve nominated you for the Reality Blog and Sensual Blogging Awards. I look forward to reading your postings and seeing your wonderful photos — you bring such a great perspective to the blogging world!

      • Thanks Danny, I have been having a bit of fun with it. It has strengthened my interest in photography, writing and technology. That has to be a good thing.
        Wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas and Peaceful 2013.

    • Hi, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Check the post for more details! http://caseofthemunchies.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/sunshine-award/

      • Thanks Casey, I could do with a bit of sunshine here today. It is cold!
        Wishing you a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year,

        • You’re welcome. I hear you on the sunshine thing, I don’t like the cold much, luckily it hasn’t really snowed much yet.
          Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays together!

    • Hi Conor, love your blog! I also follow Lucy’s, culinary skills must run in the family. Looking forward to seeing more deliciousness from Dublin!

      • Thanks Aoife,
        I am jealous of your travels in the Southern Hemisphere. Lovely picture styling. I have added your blog to my list. Keep at it.

    • Greetings from an Irish American in L.A. with an advertising agency and a food blog! 🙂 Good stuff, cheers.

      • That’s too many links to not follow your blog!

    • Conor thanks for following my blog, Savor the Food. You have a lot of great creations of food recipes here. 🙂

      Chef Randall

    • You probably already have a fat sack of awards but I’ve hit you up with another which you can find here http://foodisthebestshitever.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/another-blogland-award/

    • i guess you have a very good lifes, a foodie blogger family…
      having the same passion with relatives is really great i think……
      btw, your blog is totally awesome!
      keep sharing n inspiring phal!

    • Mr Bofin. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick up the Kreativ Bloggers award. The link is as follows: http://laurasmess.me/2013/05/01/awards-and-acknowledgements-ii/
      Be wary; there may be many perils along the way, like the poor spelling of ‘kreativ’ and a lasting association with what some may view as ‘pointless blogging rituals’. However, the choice is indeed yours, and yours alone. Do what you will; the meat legend – the man – will prevail.

      • Hi Laura, Very kind of you to nominate me for this bizarre award. Of course, I will accept it for what it is. there is one condition attached. You must call me Conor in future.

    • My brother married a gal from Ballygawley. She is the 15th child of 15 children! A few years back I took a trip with her to visit her enormous family. Ireland is beautiful! You are so fortunate to live there. I’m happy to have found your wonderful blog. 🙂

      • Thanks for that. It is a nice spot despite the economic gloom and complete lack of good weather this year. Delighted you are following m. I will follow you back.

    • Hi Connor, love the blog. I’m looking forward to following your posts.

      • Hi Karen,
        Thanks for following. I just went over to your blog and you have brought me back to my childhood. My parents used to make éclairs for special occasions. Perhaps I need to regress myself and give them a go.

    • HI Conor, Thanks so much for following! It’s great to meet you. Love your blog and I’ve been enjoying reading through your posts. Look forward to reading more! 🙂

      • Hi Julie, You are too kind. I look forward likewise.

    • Hi Conor. Thanks for the follow. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and your photos are beautiful. I want to take up a knife and fork and eat right now, you’ve put a hunger on me! I was reading your post on copyright theft which is such a pain. I had a similar issue a couple of years ago with work where my designs were lifted. A nasty business but luckily I was able to get that sorted. Looking forward to many years reading your blog. Warmest regards, Paula

      • Hi Paula,
        Thanks for the follow yourself. I suspect that the black of heart will be with us on this issue for the foreseeable future. I think you know how I feel about them….

    • I have tanken a stroll through your blog and I must say that you deserve all the awards, it’s really fantastic, great recipes too. Quite inspiring. Lucia

      • Thanks Lucia, very kind of you.
        Do come back soon.

    • GREAT Blog … looking forward to seeing more from you !! Stay hungry !!

      • Thank you. And thanks for visiting.

    • ciao! luvFAB blog.

      • Thanks for that and thanks for the visit.

    • Hi Conor would you have an email I can contact you at for PR purposes?

      • You can get me at conorbofin at gmail dot com. However, I don’t do much (any) brand promotion.

    • Hi there! Love the blog and think it’s funny and delicious looking, I will definitely be dreaming about food tonight. I got your name of the list of winners for the blog awards. I wasn’t able to make it on the night but am still trying to build up a network of like minded bloggers. Just to know we’re not blogging into some sort of great void. Anyway if you’re interested I was a winner in the humour section and you can find my blog at http://alvycarragher.blogspot.ie/ I’ll be following along from now on. Best of luck with it 🙂

      • Thanks Alvy, It can seem like we are doing this for ourselves and nobody else some of the time. But, if you enjoy doing it, just do it. I’ll pop over to yours now.

    • Hi Conor,

      Lovely chatting to you the other day.
      Congratulations on your award, your blog is really inspiring, with the most interesting recipies, your pictures are beautiful.
      Will be regular visitor now!

      • Thanks Anna, that is very nice of you. Given the quality of the Michi Sushi offering, I’ll take that as high praise indeed. Keep at it.

    • Hi Conor. Great blog and great food ! Would you kindly make contact with me please ? Leaahogg@gmail.com. Thanks. Lea http://www.goodfoodeveryday.wordpress.com.

      • Hi Lea, thanks for getting in touch and thanks for the reblog. You are doing some lovely stuff on your blog. I envy you the warm sun and lovely light.

        • Thank you Conor. I have been admiring your work. What’s the best email address please ?

    • I have nominated you to the Versatile Blogger Award.
      The rules as per my understanding are;
      • Give thanks to the person providing your nomination.
      • Include a link to their blog
      • Nominate 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
      • Finally, the hardest, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
      All the best, Cheers

    • Congratulations! I’ve nominated you for the Shine On Award – read more about it here: http://eatingmyfeelings.com/2014/01/21/eating-my-feelings-receives-shine-on-award/

      Thanks for sharing your delicious food!! I absolute adore your blog.

      • Thanks Erin,
        Very good of you indeed. Now, I’d better get my shine on!

    • HI Conor, I often read and very much enjoy your blog, your inspiring recipies and your wit..I just recently moved back to Dublin from the UK and cannot for the life of me find a really good butchers in and around Dublin city centre (Im in D12 myself)…that stocks marrow bones, veal bones, wild game, rabbit & that sort of thing, not the regular family butchers that are everywhere and sell the same fare…. even Lamb shanks are a trial to find locally!
      In the past I used to travel to Cork often and bought my meat in O`Flynns on Marlboro St….an amazing family of butchers, so without going down the vac-pac mail order route could you or your readers reccomend some good ones in Dublin?
      Many thanks & Cheers !

      • Thanks for visiting and for the kind words. I have to admit that I don’t have much butcher experience in that part of the city. I am well served by John’s Meat Co in Monkstown Farm. Pat Whelan runs a fantastic shop out in the Avoca on the Naas Road. There is a shop in Glasthule that sells lots of game in season at reasonable prices. The name escapes me. Until recently, my friend the Wicklow Hunter used to leave in venison to my office (usually in a bin bag and in need of further butchering).

        Your question raises a much broader issue of the demise of so many independent butchers. It is a sad state of affairs brought about by a combination of supermarket supremacy and general inability to actually cook anything on the part of much of the population.

        I’ll stick the question up on Facebook and see if anybody makes any suggestions. If I get anything to help, I’ll add another comment.

        • Many thanks Conor…I`ll have a look at Johns Meat Co. and hopefully some others will turn up.
          You`ve articulated exactly what I`d been feeling in relation to the demise of good local butchers that offer more than just the regular cuts of beef, Pork and Lamb etc..without wanting to sound snobby or foodie like, the variety of cuts on offer are limited and uninspiring in most family butchers.I have to stop myself from asking “where exactly is the rest of the animal ? ”
          I can begrudgingly accept supermarkets and retail mass/volume…but local/craft butchers are disappointingly thin on the ground.As you point out, very little actual cooking is the order of the day so the butcher will reply hes just supplying what his customers want !?…..my nan would be spinning in her grave !
          Again, many thanks for your help and reply.

          • The Facebook gang have come good:
            Nicol suggests: If you want a whole rabbit, Ox tail, cow tongue, pigs head……. here is the place. … Bigger, well stocked and thriving, FX Buckley’s, Moore St.

            Wendy says: You could try Lawlors in Rathmines. They might have what u are looking for!

            Malcolm tells me that: Rob Cullen is your only man, he is Wicklow town but we’ll worth the journey, and he is tech savy too ! Send him a message on FB, he’s on my friends list – and he’s a cyclist!!!

            And Denis asks: Have you tried the two organic butchers in Terenure? Can’t say I’ve seen those items specifically but I know they source stuff.

            Hope this helps,

    • Hi Conor, I’m delighted to have found your blog and look forward to following your culinary adventures!

      • Hi Milissa,
        Thanks for the kind introduction. I look forward to seeing you around here too.

    • I had the pleasure of visiting Castlelough Woods, Ireland last summer. It was an amazing experience! I loved that beautiful country.

      • it’s a lovely place, one of many here in Ireland. Do come and visit with us again soon. Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by the blog.

    • Hi! I love your blog. We are currently setting up a new segment on our illustration/design blog called Monday Munchies where we showcase a recipe each week. We are looking for foodies/bloggers and chefs to submit recipes to us to illustrate & share on Mondays. Would this be something you might be interested in?

      if so – email me (Gillian) at doodlemoosedesigns@gmail.com
      Below is a link to this weeks illustrated recipe!


      • Thanks for the kind words and great creativity. I have emailed you.

    • Hi Conor, I’m a bit sad only to have discovered your blog now, but as it’s never too late for an Irish person to regret something, I’m also somehow fulfilled. Anyway, I can see myself becoming an avid fan, so let’s just get the awkwardness out of the way now by me telling you how much I like this blog and complimenting you on your writing and photography, before I slink back into the shadows from whence I came.

      Delighted to make your acquaintance by the way. Write that book.

      • I refer to our conversation last night Tara, I do suffer from the national self effacement that holds us back. I need to get over myself and get that extra 1/3 content together.
        Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to seeing you on the stage in October.

    • Well done, haven’t come across your blog previous to the blog awards. A lovely Sunday read. Thank you. Anne Co.Kerry (aka http://www.girlinwellies.com)

      • Thanks for visiting and thanks for the kind words. My Sunday is a slow one after last night. Perfect annunciation last night BTW.

        • Aw, shucks thanks, pulled out the all the stops to get that jacket for the wintery evening walks ahead! Well done again!

    • Being irish, you aint got much ******* meat there.

      • You should visit Vito. You could improve your knowledge and your English (I edited the bit in the middle of your comment to protect the faint of heart).

    • Hi!

      Hope you’re keeping well!

      I’m Crisrtiana, am an avid reader and blogger, a passion which I think we share.

      Your blog “www.conorbofin.com” is by far the most interesting I have come across in the recent past, hands down!

      The writer in me is yearning to write a piece for your blog, may be around 400-500 words, or whatever you are okay with.

      Awaiting your reply.


      • Thanks Christina for the interest. I tend to write it all myself and plan to keep it that way for now.
        Thanks also for visiting.

    • Hi Conor!

      Hope you’re well! First off, hearty congratulations on all the rewards and recognition that has come your way! I’ve been keenly following everything that’s been going on here :))

      I’m reaching out to you about some changes I’ve made to my own blog – a couple of months ago, I moved to a self hosted site. While the link remains the same and I could move all my subscribers over without a hitch, I just found out that my WordPress followers like yourself would have to visit my new site and resubscribe to it if you wanted to keep receiving email notifications every time I posted (which I’m hoping you do!).

      I’m reaching to all my lovely fellow WordPress followers because I’ve loved the interaction I’ve had with all of them even if it was just a plain old ‘like’!

      Have a great day and happy holidays!



      • Hi Sujata,
        It is the big fear of the WP blogger. Losing all my beloved subs would be a pain. I will pop over there right now and re-subscribe.

    • This is a wonderful blog. Congrats on your Freshly Pressed appearance. I wanted to comment on the lush pie, but didn’t scroll down far enough to find the comment bar and began being a grump – that’s my patience level right there. Thankfully, the picture of the pie calmed me.
      Kindest regards and anticipating that pie and glass of something(I do actually make the recipes I find on good blogs. As a result, my fridge and freezer are full and my skinny jeans are getting tight!)
      Skinny Jeans Mum

      • Hi Kamille,
        Thanks for the kind words. The pie is wonderful when cold. That should suit the weather down there right now. I have some friends who emigrated to WA quite recently. They give me a good picture of what life is like there. If the jeans are getting tight, eat the pie and exercise a bit more. It’s worth it.

    • Hello from Australia. I enjoyed your post about the sausage rolls.

      • Thanks Chef John,
        It was a bit of fun to post. However, I suspect my neighbours won’t see it that way.
        Happy New Year,

    • Hi Conor,
      I just discovered your blog and enjoy the way you write. Your photos are striking and tempting. Thanks for the recipes. Will be trying them out when I can.

      • Hi Dionne,
        Thanks for your kind Jamaican words. I read your ‘About’. My whole wardrobe is like that!

    • I love your blog, I’m making the Osso Bucco this weekend for Valentine’s Day. Yummy!!!! I have just one suggestion, is there a way to get a printer friendly recipe from your blog? I click the print icon, but it was 20 pages and that is a lot for 1 recipe. I ended up screenshooting the recipe with my phone. But I found so many recipes that I want to try. But I cant print out so many pages. Please help this penny pinching save some trees. Thank you and you are awesome!

      • Hi Nicole,
        Great suggestion. I will have to look into the possibility. I have seen some blogs with the facility. Thanks for taking such an interest in the blog.

    • Your blog is incredible. My fiance and I will be honeymooning in Ireland next year and I am so interested in trying out the food there.

      Your photography is beautiful, your food looks amazing, and I’m looking forward to making some of your recipes myself. Great job!

      • Thank you Rachel,
        That is exceptionally kind of you. We look forward to having you here on our little island. I hope we live up to your expectations.
        Thanks for the lovely words,

    • Omg, I want a sousvide bath! your blog is so refreshing and honest. Thanks for sharing!

      • Thanks. They are great fun. I have a couple more sous vide recipes cooked and ready to post. I love it!

    • Hiya, I have nominated you for the Creative Blog Award – it’s a bit of fun. Keep it going.
      You can see the post on: http://organisingchaosblog.com/2015/05/06/the-creative-blogger-awards/
      I absolutely LOVE your food!!!

      • Thank you Itzi. You are far too kind. I love the theme of your blog. I could do with some order in my life right now.

        • Very well deserved. I am always very inspired by your food. And hungry, always hungry… It just looks soooo gooooodddd….

    • So I’ve tried a few things with mostly success but I was wondering if you could recommend something that would easily scale to 12 people. 6 or 7 has been the most to date.

      Scary prospects ahead.



    • Hi.

      Tried some of the recipes with mostly success. Bar the disaster that was the pork chilli (my fault not yours!).

      Signed up to cook for 11 (adults) on sunday. Looking for recommendations of something to scale that wontvmske mg hair greyer than it already is.

      Thanks in advance.


      • Hi Eoin,
        The weather for D7 looks pretty OK for Sunday so I am thinking that something on the barbecue might be a good thing. If lamb is a runner, a butterflied leg with yoghurt and mint can be delicious. Other options include:
        Lamb Koftas (a bit of work but worth it).
        Blue cheese burgers (if you have time in advance to make them up).
        Fish pie is always a crowd pleaser too. You will need a big dish or two for 11 people.
        Or, do a roast beef. Use a bigger piece of beef and allow longer than I did.
        Hopefully one of these will do the trick.

    • I love the way you write,you’re great! thanks.
      An Israeli mom who lives in LA & still love to cook.

    • Just discovered your blog – what a great source of entertainment and now I can laugh my way through each newly discovered recipe, learn how to keep a dogs coat shiny and God knows what else. Looking forward to reading more! 🙂

      • Thanks Donna. You re too kind. Thanks for the kind words.

    • Hi Conor,
      Is Lucy still running Decidedly Delicious? I can’t find a working link anywhere!

      • Hi Kate,
        No, sadly. Sadly for two reasons. Firstly, she used to focus on desserts and I have a very sweet tooth. Secondly, she is just too busy to devote any time to it. I used to really enjoy the competitive blogging that went on with both of us trying to get camera and kitchen space at the same time. Such is life.

    • Hi Conor, great blog. Can you please send me your email address as I want to share some information on a fantastic new dairy product that we are launching. Edward Horgan

      • Hi Edward,
        That has gone to you.
        Thanks for the nice words,

    • Hi Conor, I thought you might like to take a look at a sous vide cooking time calculator and recipe generator we’ve created – http://calculator.sousvidetools.com/

      If you’re interested in sharing the calculator on your blog, we’d be happy to offer your readers an exclusive discount code to use on products from Sous Vide Tools.

      Let me know your thoughts,

      • Excellent tool indeed Kimberly. Though, I know my friend Stefan over at http://www.stefangourmet.com will have some views on time and temperature. He has for almost every dish I cook. He is far more daring than I when it comes to Sous Vide. I will be using it, for sure. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Conor,
      I am delighted to invite you to the official launch of Oliver McCabe’s Fuel Food at Residence Members Club on Tuesday 26th January at 6pm. As this launch is private and numbers are limited I would be very grateful if you could RSVP by emailing deirdre.roberts@mercierpress.ie

      Hope you will be able to attend.

      Nicola Flynn
      Marketing Assistant at Mercier Press

      • Thanks Nichola,
        I have done that. Looking foreword to it.

    • Hello! I’ve nominated you for the creative blogger award. Acceptance is purely optional, but if you are interested, please visit my blog: https://ineedafeed.wordpress.com/2016/04/28/creative-blogger-award/ for the rules. And have a good day. 🙂

    • Great sense of humour as well as your culinary skills! Three cheers!

    • Thank you for following my blog!

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